Location of an apartment for rent – why is it so important?

Location is one of the main factors taken into account when choosing an apartment for rent. It does not matter if you are looking for a place for the weekend or want to stay in a given place for a longer time. The most important thing is that the location meets your needs and that the surroundings allow you to take full advantage of the available services and attractions.

How does the location of the apartment facilitate functioning in the urban space? Let’s check the Legnicka 60C building as an example.

Shops and services at your fingertips

Easy access to commercial premises, shopping centers, restaurants, universities and banks is one of the main factors determining the choice of a convenient location for residential real estate.

The immediate vicinity of grocery stores and the Magnolia Park shopping center gives you access to all the necessary services, located next to pedestrian and bicycle routes. Legnicka 60C is therefore characterized by a location with a truly urban character with a wide range of services and recreation.


Good location also means proximity and easy access to public transport that connects you to important neighborhoods throughout the city. This is especially important for people without a car.

The Legnicka 60C building is located right next to one of the main arteries of the city, which is associated with good access to public transport. When choosing an apartment in this investment, you have 6 tram lines and 3 bus lines at your disposal, thanks to which you can easily move around Wrocław.

A 10-minute journey is enough to enjoy the attractions and monuments located within the Wrocław Market Square, always bustling with life, or located around Grunwaldzki Square.

Motorized people will also be pleased with the availability of parking spaces in front of the building and the perfect connection with the most important parts of the city. The location of the investment also provides efficient access to the Wrocław Motorway Bypass and the airport.

Business center

Today, most of us are looking for ways to avoid long commutes. The property located close to key business districts offers many employment opportunities, and also saves time spent in the car or public transport vehicles.

The Legnicka 60C apartment building is located in the heart of the western business zone, so it is an ideal solution if you work in nearby office complexes and want to forget about the tiring commuting and hours spent in traffic jams.


Access to recreational areas is another feature that increases the attractiveness of the apartment you want to rent. Legnicka 60C ensures not only the proximity of Popowicki and Zachodni parks or recreational areas on the Oder, but also bicycle paths, which is an ideal location for people who appreciate an active lifestyle and green areas.

Parks, extensive infrastructure for cyclists, nearby sports fields, fitness clubs or a roof terrace, available to residents, therefore provide a lot of opportunities for enthusiasts of more or less active recreation.

Legnicka 60C – everything you are looking for in urban space

Renting an apartment in the wrong location may involve long journeys to work or school and hours spent looking for shops or services that facilitate everyday functioning.

The immediate vicinity of shops and service premises, as well as a short distance from office buildings, educational institutions and parks, as well as convenient transport connections with other parts of the city are the main advantages of the Legnicka 60C investment, giving you endless opportunities to enjoy the charms of the capital of Lower Silesia.

Are you looking for a comfortable apartment that combines all the advantages of living in a dynamically developing city? Check available offers and rent a comfortable apartment.


Author: Agata Wachowiak – Property Manager at IVANISHVILI

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