Frequently asked questions

Our tenants most often take advantage of the flexible contract with 2 months notice effective the last day of the month. We also offer customized stays, e.g. for several weeks, months or years.

The rent includes all fees to the administration and utilities such as Electricity, water, heating, air conditioning, WiFi access and TV. When you rent with us you pay one fixed monthly rent regardless of consumption.

For short term stays of less than 60 days we do not charge a deposit.

For a flexible contract longer than 2 months, we charge a deposit of two months rent.

For contracts of 12 months or more we charge a deposit of one month’s rent.

If an apartment has a status of “immediately available” it means that you can move in on the next working day. To do so, please contactour office.

Yes, a temporary registration can be filed at the property for the duration of the lease.

Yes. Each of our apartments has a kitchen and full equipment including accessories such as plates, cutlery, pots and cooking accessories. In addition, the apartment has a washer/dryer, a microwave, a cooktop and a refrigerator. Each apartment has a private bathroom with shower.

Yes. For each stay in our facility we issue a VAT invoice.

This is not the case with our apartments. However, you can furnish the property with your own decorations that are not permanently attached to the property such as a vase, plant, flower or standing picture.

Yes. We offer the option of ordering a one-time or recurring cleaning service. Contact us for current pricing and availability.

For temporary rentals, apartments are furnished with a comforter, pillow and bedding for each tenant.

Yes, each apartment has Wi-Fi access with fiber optic connection at no extra charge.

Yes. There is a Smart TV in each apartment.

Yes. Each apartment has access to central air conditioning with control from a panel on the wall. The cost of air conditioning is included in the rental price.

The entire building is connected to the central heating network. Heating costs are included in the rent.

The building has a digital intercom that allows you to enter the building with a code. In addition, each of the apartments is equipped with an electronic lock and entry is by code, card or traditional key, depending on the preference of the tenant.

Yes, we have parking spaces next to the building. If you are motorized ask our staff about availability.

Choose from suites with a view on either side depending on your preference. Apartment availability and description can be found here.

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